Internet accessible media isn't clear about the location and phone number of the Stan Baker Sports store where Kurt and his friend Dylan Carlson purchased the shotgun. I got a picture from justiceforkurt.com of the store front that said 10000 on the side so I guess that's proof enough location-wise out of the two street addresses I got:
10000 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98125
11530 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98125
At first, I wondered if those were two different locations. Now I'm assuming that 11350 is a warehouse (you know, in case the store is overstocked, that's a place to keep things). But other sites I've been on (I'm not naming names) only show one of the two addresses above as if the other didn't exist. And as for the phone numbers:
Which number belongs to which location?

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