- Eldon Hoke (The Mentors) was offered $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain.

- Eldon Hoke was found dead by a train track after walking around with a guy who his friends state  they had never met before.

- In Rome (for Nirvana's In Utero tour in Europe), Kurt overdosed on Rohypnol and champagne. People claimed it was a suicide attempt. Kurt stated that it was an accident. Yet he left a note, referencing Shakespeare, reading, "Like Hamlet, I must choose between life and death. I chose death."

- People are certain Kurt committed suicide. Why would he leave his daughter with such horrid images of what happened to her father?

- Kurt was not a Rohypnol user nor (from what I've read) was he an alcoholic.

- Courtney and some of Kurt's friends tried to get kurt to quit heroin when half the people involved, including Courtney, had heroin problems of their own. I know they were trying to help him kick his addiction, but I think that the whole situation was a little hypocritical. They wanted Kurt to quit heroin and they were gonna continue using?