- How did Nirvana become popular?

- When was Nirvana's last performance before Kurt's death?

- For a heavy drug addict like Kurt, how high can the blood morphine level get before the decedent dies instantly after using?

- How many drug deaths have there been in the past 10 years as of 2010?

- How does the blood morphine level affect the life or death of a severe drug addict?

- Kurt was moved from an italian hospital to an italian-american hospital after his OD in Rome. This was under Courtney Love's insistence. Really, Kurt wouldn't have been moved until the italian hospital said they could do nothing more for him. Was this an attempt to prevent Kurt from recovering?

- Kurt is legally recognized to have killed himself. Where did the murder theories come from? There is in fact much information proving homicide as the cause of Kurt's death. But is it accurate?

- If people kept up with Kurt Cobain's thoughts, actions, and words, why arent these people keeping up with Tom Grant's efforts on his Cobain case?

- Is Tom Grant's collected information accurate? Or did Courtney Love lead him in the wrong direction?

- Why aren't the Seattle Police Department putting forth effort in this case in a satisfactory notation? Surely, with all the theories going around, Kurt deserves to have his death investigated properly.

- How powerful was the gun blast? I mean, I know it was powerful enough to blow up Kurt's face, but I need more than that. How many miles per hour was the bullet going before it hit his head?