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Tumblr usually works just fine. Now, I'm starting to wonder if it's under a DDoS attack. I did read this article on Google News about spam bots, I guess, attacking many different blogs and leaving rather racist and/or other offensive posts. GNAA, the company responsible for this suspected hacking, said they did it as part of their anti-blogging movement, claiming that blogging lowers journalistic standards. What else they may have done to further disrupt service is beyond me at this point, but I tried to access Tumblr at one point this evening and it said something about a 500 Internal Server Error, which is an HTTP error. I have a website up on another tab that contains information to such errors. There are 4 parts to any client trying to communicate with a web server
- Step 1: Obtain an IP address from the IP name of the site.
- Step 2: Open an IP socket to that IP address.
- Step 3: Write an HTTP data stream through that socket.
There. That's the problem area. If your client cannot write that HTTP data stream, it cannot move on to step 4, which is receiving an HTTP data stream back from the communicating web server in response.
DDoS (distributed denial of service) is an attempt to make internet resources inaccessible or unusable and is a serious crime. One website creating domain should know how to fix this problem, seeing that they underwent a DDoS attack themselves, working to transfer that domain's created sites to safer domains for the time being and working to keep the domain up. They also collaborated with the FBI to find the attacker. A DDoS attack starts at an attacker machine (or attacker computer) that's running the victim client, travels to a series of handlers, then to compromised machines, where it makes its way to the internet and finally travels to the targeted server.
GNAA (the Gay Nigger Association of America) has claimed responsibility for Tumblr's hacking and for other high profile attacks. But they refuse to admit that any messages left by their spam bots were racist and/or otherwise offensive.
Internet accessible media isn't clear about the location and phone number of the Stan Baker Sports store where Kurt and his friend Dylan Carlson purchased the shotgun. I got a picture from of the store front that said 10000 on the side so I guess that's proof enough location-wise out of the two street addresses I got:
10000 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98125
11530 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98125
At first, I wondered if those were two different locations. Now I'm assuming that 11350 is a warehouse (you know, in case the store is overstocked, that's a place to keep things). But other sites I've been on (I'm not naming names) only show one of the two addresses above as if the other didn't exist. And as for the phone numbers:
Which number belongs to which location?
i only have two things against this guy. one, it doesn't seem to me like he's looked closely enough at the murder evidence that us conspiracy theorists have presented to support the murder theory. two, if he's gonna convince me that kurt committed suicide, he needs to learn to write a rebuttal properly (for the most part, they're actually okay). a few things that bother me about his rebuttals are:

1. i've seen parts of his rebuttal where he capitalizes words that do not need to be capitalized.
2. i've seen parts of his rebuttal where he leaves words out, leaving me guessing at what he's trying to say.
3. i've seen parts of his rebuttal where he adds unnecessary information.

if he wants to convince me that kurt did indeed commit suicide, then he can fix the things above in the different parts in his rebuttal. while these won't automatically convince me that kurt killed himself, they're a good start. other than that, i have no problems with him. i respect the guy 100%. and i may just be overreacting. these could just be pet peeves that i'm worrying too much about. maybe i'm just imagining stuff and none of the things i saw in his rebuttal actually happened. in which case, please forgive me for wasting your time with this post.
my friend paxton didn't tell me that friday was her birthday!!! ya know what??? imma go jump her at school tomorrow for not telling me cuz i didn't get to say "happy b-day" to her. HOW 'BOUT THAT, PAXTON ALEXANDER!!!
thanks to everybody for your positive comments and questions. i plan to keep updating this site with information and if you asked me a question, i will answer it as soon as possible.
i have received a question from Coach Purses asking "how do you forge thumbnails from common thumbnails?" well, Coach, i have some usable thumbnails in iPhoto on my computer. i simply drag the "picture" icon onto a certain page and upload a thumbnail from iPhoto onto the web page that i'm currently editing. sorry it took so long to get back to you.
i had a pretty steady flow of visitors. now, they're gone. is my website boring now? do i need changes? please go to the contact us page to let me know what i need to do. or you can leave a comment here.
i had a dream. me and my friend evelyn were smoking, and she all of a sudden lost consciousness. i automatically assumed that she overdosed. that's all i remember happening. creepy, really.
This site is done. I like the finished product. I think I'm ready to publish my site.
there's so much information and so little time for me to come on here. its gonna take a while for me to post this site.